handcrafted graphic & media design from the mountains of montana

Good design has everything to do with good story telling. I truly believe that.

Humans love stories. We have always told them. In fact, for thousands of years, storytelling was one of the primary ways we shared and archived our most important information. We are moved by stories. We relate to them. We remember them. In today's digital age of information overload, our craving for simple, honest stories is at an all time high.

As a designer, my job is to help shape and share your visual story. By weaving together everything from color and typography, to motion graphics and dynamic web design, we craft an honest, intentional story that supports your brand, ethics, and long-term company goals.

Photos by Rio Chantel


1. Concept

Whether it's a single layout or totally new brand identity, I always do my homework. My first step is to research your company, audience, and long-term objectives. This is where the initial idea, or many ideas, start to come together. We’ll create moodboards and strategies to lay a solid foundation for your project.

2. Design

Now it’s time to translate those ideas onto paper (or pixels.) This is where the design really starts to take shape. We’ll start with several digital sketches to explore different concepts and aesthetics, and begin experimenting with color palettes, textures, typography, and imagery.

3. Development

At this point, you’ll have several different design concepts in front of you. Once we have settled on a final direction, we begin polishing, refining and fine tuning. This is where we focus on details and make it shine.

4. Launch

The most exciting step. Finalizing deliverables, exploring launch strategies, and releasing your new project into the world.