I am a graphic & media designer based in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

I believe that good storytelling, whether it is still image or time-based, is at the heart of all successful design. Stories have the uncanny ability to shape experiences and establish relationships between author and viewer. As a designer, I take pride in making sure my work is telling the right story, one that supports your brand, ethics and long-term company goals. 

I work in many different mediums, but have a special place in my heart for graphic design, animation, creative branding, web design, printmaking and all things handmade.

I currently live in Missoula, Montana with my partner and our not-so-tiny teacup pig, King Louis the Pigteenth. 


1. Concept

Whether it's a single brochure or totally new identity, I always do my homework. My first step is to research your company, your audience, and your objectives. This is where the initial idea, or many ideas, start to come together.

2. Design

Now it’s time to put all those fabulous ideas on paper (or pixels.) This is where I start to work with several different concepts, create a color palette, and set an overall aesthetic for your project.

3. Development

At this point, you have several different design concepts in front of you. Once a final concept has been selected, I start testing and fine tuning. This is where we focus on details and make it shine.

4. Launch

The most exciting step. Releasing your new project into the world.

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